The SK-B/T Series 35kHz low frequency ultrasonic cleaners are designed for fast removal of large particle size contaminents in coarse cleaning applications. They are low cost, effective while still maintaining excellent material quality and performance. These economical type ultrasonic cleaners share the same digital setting, user-friendly LCD interface as the award-winning HP or LHC series ultrasonic cleaners from KUDOS, yet cost much less. Learn more…
With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features, KUDOS HP Series 53kHz high frequency ultrasonic cleaners provide an ideal method to remove small partical size contaminants down to microns. Compared to a conventional 40kHz ultrasonic cleaner, KUDOS HP Series 53kHz high frequency ultrasonic cleaners feature significantly reduced noise and deeper penetration. The advanced digital control offers you maximum flexibility over the setting, all in one touch of the control panel. Learn more¡­
KUDOS LHC ultrasonic cleaners incorporate the optimum power, penetration, temperature required to address the most demanding cleaning applications. By combining low frequency and high frequency, coupling with the precise bath temperature, it offers you maximum control over your cleaning applications. This latest technology provides superior and deeper penetration throughout the entire bath, saving time and greatly improves cleaning efficiency. The LHC ultrasonic cleaners are the latest from KUDOS, it is advanced, efficient, and highly durable, you will discover why there is simply no comparison with conventional ultrasonic cleaners. Learn more¡­
Unique to other ultrasonic cleaners, the KUDOS SK-G/GT series ultrasonic cleaners add degassing function to their features. Degassing is the process of removing small suspended gas bubbles and dissolved gas from a liquid prior to further processing. Useful ultrasonic cavitation occurs after gasses have been removed from the cleaning solution, leaving a vacuum in the formed bubble. When the high pressure wave hits the bubble wall, the bubble collapses, it is the energy released by this collapse that will assist a detergent in breaking the bonds between parts and their dirts. Learn more¡­
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